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There are several castles in the world that were once important royal buildings, but today they are just a reminder of the history of the ancestors of that area.

settings Services
1-operating nature and sport`s tour 
2-operating specific tours for tourists to make conversant with national and religious festivals and rich culture of Iran.
3-operating weekly one day tour
4-operating religious tour to all the world
5-co-operating with other agencies about providing guide/transfers/reserving accommodation
6-operating educational tour
7-getting a visa and international licenses
8-making desert camps for tourists
Yazd MehrNovin agency honored to inform that is ready to co-operate with other agencies in hole of the world and provide all kinds of affairs for coming to Iran and present best quality of services
supervisor_account About Us
Yazd Mehr Novin agency started to function with the goal of making honesty and trustfully services to international and domestic tourists. This agency with heavy management of M.R Mustafa Vakil, who has 10years experience in tourism affairs could know, as unitary of the greatest and most potent agency in operating tour and especially in nature base tour in the whole of Iran. Being recognized as unitary of the greatest agencies owed experienced employees that can do all kinds of tourist’s request.
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    Mr Ali Akbar Vakil

    Planning and Budget Expert

    Tour manager

  • Responsive image

    Mr Mostafa Vakil

    Management Expert


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    Mis Fatemeh Eslami

    Master's Degree in Design and Production

    Countertops for domestic tours

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    Mis Maryam Shekari

    Bachelor of Law

    Domestic tour expert

  • Responsive image

    Mr Mohammad Mehdi Makki

    Master of Management

    Domestic tour expert

  • Responsive image

    Mis Samaneh Kazemi

    Bachelor of it

    Domestic tour expert

  • Responsive image

    Mis sepideh janfazah

    Bachelor of Computer Science

    Foreign tour expert

  • Responsive image

    Mis Fatemeh Haghighatian

    Bachelor of Public Relations

    Domestic tickets

  • Responsive image

    Mis Negar Nasiri

    Bachelor of Accounting


Yazd Tourism Information
Of the most important centers of early settlement of the land to Mhrpadyn (MEHRIZ) Fhrshan, guards (Fahraj), .. More...
Yazd Tourism Information
Yazd Tourism Information
Yazd Tourism Information
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